Kao piek sen in Vientiane, Laos

I could eat a big bowl of kao piek sen right about NOW. I was browsing food photos on my iPhone and came across this delicious photo which I took during my vacation in Laos last year.

My aunt in Vientiane, Laos makes and sells some of the best kao piek sen anywhere (biased? Ha). I think it’s the fact that she takes the time to prepare and deep fry the pork that makes her dish stand out. I like the pork and chicken combo of kao piek sen the best.

I look forward to reuniting with friends and family back home, and eating copious amounts of the total comfort food kao piek sen, in less than two weeks!



2 thoughts on “Kao piek sen in Vientiane, Laos

  1. Where is your aunt noodle shop located at? I’ve ate at so many bowls of kao piek sen during my 6 weeks in Laos. I have to vote for this noodle shop in middle of town under the old “Buasavanh” movie theater. You can’t go wrong with big bowl of pork and chicken noodles for 15,000 kips ($1.90).

    • In Souanmon, Ban Don Pamay in front I the neighborhood office, to be exact. You’re right, there’s so many places that serve delicious bowls of kao piek sen, and the price is more than reasonable, especially for foreigners.

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